How to Avoid Sucker Bets with SportsBooks

I’ll admit, I get roped into the odd 5 game parlay bet from time to time. Why not, it’s only a couple bucks, and you have a chance to win ten even 15X your wager. I prefer NFL games as you really never know who’s going to shot up on Sundays. However, statistically, your odds are stacked and if you make a habit of throwing money down on a long shot bets like a parley you’d better know your stuff as you’ll lose more than you win.

The goal of any great sportsbook budgeting method will tell you that your not trying to win it all in one afternoon. You need to pace yourself with modest goals. Rather than trying to win $500 in one afternoon with $40 in parlay betting, pick a couple games you really like and try to double up. Winning $40 to $50 a day is nothing to be ashamed about.

Ideally, the best gamblers don’t risk more than their willing to lose, the try to avoid sucker bets and take pride in their ability to spot a great bet. What’s an even better tip is to realize when you’re having a terrible afternoon and call it a day. The people who try to “win it back” are those about to miss gauge wagers, odds and get careless with their money. This is the same reason why a place like Las Vegas gives out free alcoholic beverages.

SportsBooks Sucker Bets

I already discussed Parlays, but what can be even worse than stringing together a few games in a row is to place money on long-term bets on events far into the future. A perfect example is Super Bowl odds. People love to put a few bucks on their team to win the Super Bowl. This is prying on your belief that your team has a chance to win a Super Bowl every year. Technically it’s true, but any NFL fan with knowledge of the league will tell you that there hasn’t been very many teams that have squeaked into the playoffs and ran the table. Usually, it goes .500 team, playoff team, then a playoff team with a chance to win it all. It can take a team 3 years to work themselves into a potion to make a run. By this point in time, their odds are very low, and not worth enough to make a bet.



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