Best Parlay Tips for MLB

Parlay in MLB is a very efficient technique, which helps you to gain profits. Here are some tips to decide when you should parlay in MLB

Scenario 1 : Parlaying the big favorites

It is a very popular and simple hook in MLB by which 2 or more big favorites can be joined in to a single bet. Suppose you like -200 for John and also the same for Carl and bet $100 on individual game. So on a -200 money line for $100, you earn $50 in profit.

If you combine 2 plays, the risk will be less. So with a wager of $100 , you will either lose $100 or get profit of $125.

Scenario 2 : Parlay for two best teams( Final 3 Months )

When 3 months are left for the season, just observe the standings and select 2 best teams. You can blindly parlay these teams for last 3 months, while they are playing the same day. This is very simple and you don’t need to make the guess. By this parlay , you have less risk for big money-line favorites.

Scenario 3 : Leveraging the strong bet

When you have a strong feeling about the winning of a big favorite, then use this strategy.

Scenario 4 : Side & Totals in the same game

While figuring out , who was likely to win the previous game, you can get benefits of your previous knowledge. Many experts strongly recommend on if the game is offensive or for pitchers’ duel.

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