Best Places to Stay at Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its world-class casinos and hotels making it a favorite tourism destination. Its hotels set the standards to provide the best luxury, dining and entertainment. They are one of the best luxury hotels and resorts in the world.

Here we present you some of the top hotels in Las Vegas:


Inspired from the italian architecture, a beautiful symbol of romance and classical masterpiece. The famous dancing fountains outside have been filmed in Hollywood movies. It also has botanical gardens, pools and a conservatory. It has been give AAA Five diamond award, a standard for excellence.


This hotel continues to provide excellent services since its opening in 2005. A tall 50 storeys building sets the standards for exceptional leisure activities and restaurants.


This hotel provides 4027 suites between the Venezia hotel tower. It also features gaming, entertainment, spa, luxurious rooms and stunning collection of fine art.


This hotel is located near to Wynn and provides more than 2000 suites. Its glass windows provide breathtaking views of the Las Vegas valley.


Located near Bellagio, this hotel provides private terraces and you can view the Vegas strip from there. It also features about 3000 rooms and gives a residential feeling.


A 61 storeys building with glass beauty is the center of attraction for City Center. It holds the LEED Gold status. About 4000 rooms and suites make it one of the largest in the Sin City.

Caesars Palace

This hotel has grandeur of Rome, spread across 85 acre provides excellant entertainment and luxury. It also features the famous ‘Garden of the Gods’.

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