Best SportsBooks in Las Vegas

While you are in the Las Vegas, it is a great experience to watch a game at sportsbook. Las Vegas has many sportsbooks. The only drawback of visiting sportsbooks is that you have to bet a large sum of money for even one drink. But the large screen displays and the exciting atmosphere will bind your senses. If you choose to visit a good sportsbooks, you would not just watch the gamers, but may even catch your favorite sports team there. I am going to tell you about 5 sportsbooks who are considered the best of Las Vegas.


It is located just right to the poker room. Although there is dim light to watch your sports, but you never need to stand in the long queues to place your bet. Many tellers are available there to move the lines quickly. If you happen to visit the Las Vegas during a major sporting event like NFL playoff game, NCAA tournament or Super Bowl, then make sure you arrive at the sportsbook early,as these get fully booked before such events.If you visit there on some other day to watch NBA or baseball games, then there are no problems in having a seat.


This is known for its continuous improvement whether its restaurant, rooms, casino or sportsbooks. This place is one of the best in the city. The leather chairs and couches in the hall before the screens make you feel very comfortable. If you betting on horses only, you might have a private TV set to watch the race.

Caesars Palace

This sportsbook is one of the largest sportsbook in the city. You don’t need to wait for to bet there and the waitresses serving the cocktail are feast to the eye. One of the most favorite among the sport betters.


This sportsbook has been renovated recently. They have extremely sharp HDTV, friendly and professional staff. You hardly need to wait to place a bet there. There is an asian restaurant just next to this sportsbook serving delicious asian dishes. Don’t miss this out there.

Westgate (earlier LVH)

This was known as Las Vegas Hilton earlier, but in july 2014 they renamed it as Westgat. Their sportsbook has not changed and is the largest in the town. Westgate is slightly away the strip, which is close to the old sahara hotel. This sportsbook provides the best atmosphere for NCAA Tournament in the town.

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