Best UFC Betting Advice

UFC Fight Night 107 Betting advice

It is one of the famous events where I can see great value in odds. It seems that the bookies haven’t done good homework as odds on many fights are just way off. You can also use the live betting tips offered by me, as they are the safest and easy to make huge money.

Although there will not a long break after this event, but you can still get betting fix just by locking some early bets on upcoming fights.
Best UFC Betting Advice:

Alan Jouban to beat Gunnar Nelson

There are always some fighters who are either overrated or underrated in UFC. Alan Jouban is underrated as there seems a lot of value for his odds. During his last fight, when he fought against Mike Perry. Jouban was dominating Perry and we again saw him open as underdog against Gunner Nelson. So I can bet on Jouban to win good money.

Gunnar Nelson is also very good fighter opening as very big favourite and I think he is overrated. If you just check all his previous fights, then you will observe his weaknesses which other fighters like Alan Jouban can use against him. So I am going to tell you Gunnar’s weaknesses, which will surely help you to bet on Jouban for the current odds.

Gunner’s weaknesses

  • Gunnar Nelson has been suffering from cardio problem. After his first round, he always goes slow down
  • Most of the takedowns of Gunnar are from the clinch position. However Jouban is so strong in the clinch that he can end the fights from this clinch postion.
  • Alan Jouban strikes far better than Gunnar.
  • Jouban’s knock out strikes seem deadly, when Gunnar fights with hands low.
  • Alan Jouban strikes faster than Gunnar

Over the years, I see that Jouban is better conditioned and tough than Gunnar. So I believe Jouban has a great chance of beating Gunnar Nelson.

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