College Football Parlay Betting Tricks That Work

Not only the sportsbooks but also the betting players for college football all love the Parlay betting tricks. Simply because even if you bet on small wagers, you can win big profits.


Usually, the sportsbooks don’t worry about these small wagers. But if you know the right parlay betting tricks, then you can get good profits in the college football games.

Find some correlated parlays

Every week in the college campus matches are held between two different teams with their unique styles. The matchups offer good chances to parlay total and a side that most likely will go by hand-in-hand.

E.g. See the difference between Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal. In a match, the bettors who like Stanford, it would be better to parlay Stanford using the UNDER. Because the bettors know it clearly that Cardinal simply can’t keep up with Oregon’s offense and if Oregon’s offense is big, then Stanford may not cover the spread as underdog, most likely.

However, if Stanford covers the spread, this might be due to the strong defense leading to some cash on the UNDER. In 2015, Oregon has won the 45-16 with 7-point favorite.

Split up the parlays

Another approach is that you should split up your favorite games into small parlays. Consider this example:

Suppose you like Texas, Alabama and Oregon this week. Then don’t bet on a 3 team parlay. Rather you break this like Oregon + Alabama, Texas + Alabama, Texas + Oregon

So if you use this, you may better earn small profits rather loosing all your 3 team parlay going for loss.

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