Cricket Betting Tips & Tricks

Betting on cricket matches is done in many countries. During the last decade, one days specially T20 have become very popular. People invest millions in cricket betting. But like any other betting, it also requires some knowledge and experience. So before you place a bet on Cricket matches, here are the tips you should always know. This will help you to win money on your bet.

Know the team players

Before you do anything else, you should know all the players of the match and their skills. Some players can play well in all the conditions and formats, be it one day or test matches. They are the most reliable to bet upon. e.g. Players form England cricket team rarely perform well on other continent playgrounds. So only the best like Australian cricket players are best to bet upon.

Read the pitch

Make a close observation to the cricket pitch and see if is going to be deteriorate during the match. The pitch reading is very essential tip for good betting. You should know, if the pitch is good for the batsman or the bowlers. You should always listen to the commentators when they tell about the pitch conditions.

Check Weather conditions

If there are much clouds in the sky, then swing bowlers will have the advantage. If it is a sunny day, fast bowlers will face troubles and batsman will have the advantage. The continous sunlight over the pitch causes it to break up, which favours the spinners.

Prepare for dramatic changes

You should always be prepared for sudden turnarounds in the cricket match. A player may get retired hurt or going back to pavilion in the early innings, no matter how much he may be in his form.

Study the past results

Before you place a bet on cricket match, you should always check the playground history and past results. You can use the websites like This vital information offers clues about the winning team, pitch and total etc.

So, guys follow these tips for cricket betting and you will have more chances to win.

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