Golf Betting Advice: Keys to Winning Big

Golf club and ball with a Ten Dollar Bill bet

During the recent years, Golf has evolved from a game for elites to common man. Golf is played worldwide, and a number of golf tournaments are held throughout the year everywhere. So it is natural that betting on golf has become popular. I am going to tell you how you can win big money on golf betting.

Pick the right event

It is very crucial to choose an event of golf tournament where you can play and earn big. There are 4 biggest golf tournaments:

US Masters (April)
US Open (June)
British Open (July)
US PGA championship (August)

The best players in these tournaments compete for stroke play. So they attract the biggest wagers and the returns are also the maximum.

Know the types of Golf bets

The winner market:
It is the main market used by the punters. There are top 5, top 10 finish, 3-ball, first round leader and victory margin betting markets also.

You should use the app or on-line bookies to keep yourself informed about so that you could watch the odds. You may choose any market, but if you can manipulate the bets, you can win big profits.

Notice the variables

You should always know about the courses where the main tournaments are held. As an example,
For example, Champion Bubba Watson being a left-handed performs better at Augusta National as he is capable of hitting the ball very far using a fade on that course.

So you should study golf courses to match it with the types of players and their current form.
Also, pay attention to the pitfalls and holes at the golf course.

Never rule out the longshot

It is always better a flutter on long odds in golf. E.g. in 2004 Todd Hamilton won the Open championship, as their odds were very long and people earned a lot over this.

So make a good winning strategy and earn big money in golf betting.

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