How to Make Money on NASCAR

There are many things you need to know while betting on NASCAR like how important it is to know the particular track and the history of the driver? How much consideration you should give to the winning pole?

I am going to tell you some useful tips to help you win at NASCAR.

Know the tracks

First thing you need to know about the tracks. Check the history of a track and know if there is a new winner on this track every year or one racer is winning consecutively. It might be possible that the distances on different tracks are similar, but every race gives totally unique experiences and challenges.

The venues where the NASCAR will run during the season are:

Short tracks – Richmond, Bristol and Martinsville
Intermediate tracks – Phoenix, Loudon and Dover
1.5 miles track – Charlotte, Homestead, Texas, Chicago, Atlanta and Darlington
2 miles track – Michigan and Fontana
Superspeedways – Talladega and Daytona
Road course – Watkins Glen and Sonoma

Every track has some quirks, which may be unique banking degrees or surfaces like concrete.

Qualifying Times on the Fridays

To cap the weekend race, these are very important. During the pre-week time, bookies just hang the prices for matchups. When the teams are unloaded, they just pull out all the numbers.
Qualifying times are the single most important components for capping the weekend’s race.

However, there is a caveat that to qualify is not a mere harbinger for the success at weekend’s race. The car setup may be different than that given during the practice. So keep this in mind.

The importance of winning pole

If you see the records of last season races, only 3 of the pole sitters could reach to the victory lane. Kevin Harvick, Dale Jr. and Matt Kenseth

From the point of betting, it is very important to know that if the drivers should be betted earlier in the week or not. Even if the driver doesn’t win the race, but winning a pole is most likely to reduce the price on the driver.

Avoid the totally unpredictable tracks

There are some tracks which are not predicatable at all and you should avoid them for the race.
e.g. at Talladega or Daytona, the superspeedways are like that, called as plate tracks.

Although many bettors like to play on percentages but I personally feel to bet on the sidelines only.

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