MLB Betting Strategies that Work

You may already know that the limits in baseball betting are quite lower than NFL football or NBA basketball bettings. The MLB betting offers many opportunities for wagering and a less breakeven percentage as compared to -110 offered by other wagering opportunities. So the bookmakers have to fear from sharp MLB betting players. I am going to tell you some useful MLB strategies that you can use for successful MLB betting.

Sheer Volume

MLB offers 162 games per team, which is about two times NBA or about 2430 baseball seasons. But for wagering opportunities, it lacks behind the NFL or NBA. The betting players can get the help by knowing a number of available games.

First, the betting players can pick the best spots as they get many chances of wagering. If they are not satisfied with the available odds before a line moves, they can try further.

Second, the odds makers can’t breakdown on every MLB market to offer tiny details. So before they adjust, many players will pounce when line-ups come out.

Forget About 52.4%

It is a magical percentage required for sports betting to break even, when you wager at -110
But this percentage is not relevant to MLB, as baseball does not use the traditional points spread. So the betting players can bet the bases even they have the winning percentage as below 50% at the year’s end.

Make use of Overnight Lines & Dime Lines

The famous sportsbooks like 5Dimes and BetOnline offer Dime Lines MLB betting markets. They also provide Overnight Lines to the betting players. so that the players can crack the odds first and most of the money is received the next day.

Don’t go after High Price Favorites

If you bet a large number of favorites in MLB, it becomes almost unlikely that it will make you a winner in the long term. One reason for this is the breakeven percentage on those favorites.

Another major reason is that most of the betting players bet on more favorites and not on the underdogs. They often ignore getting a suitable price also.

Always remember the Bullpens

In a significant number of games, Bullpens are considered responsible for about the last 6 outs. You should consider the outcomes when a starter is pulled after getting an opportunity for his comeback, or an opponent bullpen is just a shutdown group. So you should always keep track of the bullpen. They are the main difference if you win or lose a bet in close games.

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