NCCA Football National Champion Betting Tips


Finally, the time has arrived for the much-awaited match, which I love to watch. It is the game to determine the national champion of two college football teams Clemson Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide, which will be held on January 9, 2017. It is going to a culminating game for 2016-2017 bowling season. Here are my preview tips for this game.

Chasing the history

Alabama is the first team in the college football history, which finished a season 15 – 0.

It’s time to prove it

Alabama’s defensive game shows a chip on the shoulder while Clemson cumulative was 40 points with 550 yards of offense during the last season for the title game.

Calling all playmakers

Alabama will need to get more players who could offense . Other than Scarbrough, no one else could gain above the 50 yards against the Washington.

As the Alabama could beat Clemson last season only with full team efforts, so again this year we can expect that Crimson’s offense must be best during this game.

Alabama will need to run the ball

Alabama will have to create the offensive balance in order to keep the pressure off. This will need run the ball and set up the play action to keep the defense of Clemson team guessing.

So if you see these tips, you may better know whom you would like to bet on.

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