NFL Future Prop Betting Tips

NFL Futures

NFL Future has now become one of the largest markets for betting on NFL in the recent years. The most popular bets on NFL Future are the odds of winning NFC, Super Bowl and AFC championships. Some sportsbooks also offer the divisional Future bets, conference bets which offer the additional opportunities earn big money into NFL Future betting.

Futures are very different from other NFL markets due to the certainty of their results. They usually take more time as compared with the traditional betting. The betting on NFL Futures can take months for their settlement for many cases, most likely when the players are betting even before the NFL season has even started.

What is NFL Future prop bet?

NFL Future bet or prop bet is a bet which could be placed on anything to happen in the upcoming season. You could place a proportional betting like Individual player prop bet, which allows to place the future wages. This is done with the help of sportbooks on the favorite football players chosen by the bettor.

Example 1

The most common example of individual player future bet is ‘during the regular season of NFL , how many yards of will be racked up by a quarterback?’ They offer the odds for ‘under/over’ number with some money line on total rushing yards by a running back.

Example 2

You can also bet on football positions for ‘which wide receiver catches the most receiving yards for a particular game?
These player props get released much before the kickoff, so that you have enough time and breakdown the odds.

Tips for NFL Future Player Prop bets

Prop bets are nothing but wagers on propositions. When player props are released during the off season, they can be placed on MVP odds, the odds on Defensive and Offensive rookie of the year.

Individual player prop bets released during the off season are also quite similar to the betting on NFL Futures like ‘total team wins’, or simple odds to win a conference, division or Super Bowl. These are the bets which offer you best chances to win some money.

NFL Future Game Prop bets

These prop bets are placed on a player performance in a particular game of the week.
As the sportbooks calculate the odds for this individual player prop bets primarily on the statistical averages, it is quite possible that you find someone undervalued or overvalued depending upon their current form. So these player prop bets are quite tricky in early season of Future but once a player has got some experience, you can make the better judgment on his form.

Other factors you should consider before placing your bets on props is to check if the player has got a recent injuries, or his opponent. Also check the location of the game, if it will be on the played on the road or home. These are also very important factors, but still the biggest factor still remains the current performance of the player verses his overall average.

The much skilled players like running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers are often streaky in their nature, so you may want to lean towards the OVER, while considering the odds on their prop bet while they are hot. You should keep trying this trend until they get cool down. If you ever see a overvalued player by looking at his current performance and his defense faced during that particular week, this is the best scenario to play on the UNDER.

Betting on NFL player props can change dramatically on weekly basis making it a very fluid situation, so you need to keep up with the latest information to place the bets and earn safely.

Although these types of bets are very good and may supplement the betting strategy for NFL Future, but I still recommend you not to allocate more than 10% of your bankroll on these Individual Player Prop bets, unless you give enough time for the preparation to handicap them. The prop bets can be quite attractive to the bankroll, but you need to do proper homework, before you look for any low hanging fruits that may exist with such prop bets.

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