NHL Playoff Betting Advice That’ll Help You Win


If you have little knowledge of National Hockey League(NHL), then you need a reliable source of best betting advice regularly. There are many self-proclaimed experts and betting websites. I advise you to stay away from such websites. So here is the betting information which will help you to win at NHL playoffs.

Never Overlook

NHL has become increasingly popular in Canada. But if you live outside, maybe you haven’t given a thought to bet on NHL just because you don’t know much about that. But I recommend you not to overlook NHL playoff, as it offers huge money making possibilities.

It’s a Battle

NHL is one of the best examples where the athletes turn up to the slash, once they hit the floor. Every player tries to battle on the ice for every inch in skating. Every pass there is contested while the shot has the 50% chances to reach the goal tender and 50% of getting blocked. If we combine this with the penalties, then it is called at some lower rates indicating huge value in betting.

During the NHL season, sportsbooks generally post 5.5/6 or 6.5 as a total for a NHL night game,
which depends upon the teams that face off. During the playoffs, the numbers are further adjusted to 4.5 – 5.5

But don’t be afraid to bet on the under because, on the ice ground, the opportunities are endless for quality scores. It is quite common that the game may go down for ‘sudden-death’ overtime scoring only 0 – 0 or just 1 – 1, especially when the series goes towards the fifth game.

What to do

The best you can do to bet on NHL playoffs is betting on games going under the total, while the
series standings just become 2 – 2 , 3 – 1, 3 – 2 , 3 – 3

As the players know what could be at the stake, the players are more concerned at the winning the championship and it is hard for you to find other sports more professional than this NHL.

So follow my advice, bet responsibly and you will have more chances to win.

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