UFC Betting Advice How to Spot Winners


Handicapping UFC Matches

The world of UFC is highly unpredictable. Who is champ today, could be chump tomorrow. This obviously creates difficulties for UFC bettors, so I am giving here some advice on how you should spot the winners.

Stand Up games

The stand-up games includes kickboxing and boxing both, which involves punches, kicks, knees and elbows. The fighter who can play good stand-up games can mount an offense and can also defend the knocks of the opponent. Some of the fighters who play strong stand- up game are Rich Franklin, Mirko Filipovic, and Chuck Liddell.

Wrestling Games

These games include judo which indicates if the fighter will remain standing on the ground or will fall off. A good striker with outstanding sprawl defense will keep the fighter up. A fighter with ground and pound technique will go for the ground to finish the opponent. Some of the fighters who play wrestling are Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell

Ground Games

These games include Jiu-jitsu, Sambo, ground and pound. The fighters just take the fight to the ground, then use pummel or submission hold to the opponent, until a referee doesn’t signal to stop the fight.

Fighters with an excellent ground game may be skilled in sambo, jiu-jitsu or ground and pound. They will look to take the fight to the ground and then either apply a submission hold or pummel their opponents until the referee stops the fight. Some of the fighters who specialize in these games are Josh Barnett and Matt Hughes.


It is a very common sight to see the fighters falling on the ground and badly injured. They may hide their injuries to play continuously. But you should always check through news websites and UFC message boards for the latest information about the fighters, you want to place a bet on.


It is quite possible that you are going to bet on the fighters, who have fight before. You should always try to find the result of their previous fight, as this may give you better insight on the psychological states of the fighters.


You should always try to find if any fighter is on loosing or winning streak? This can affect the fighter’s confidence and can give you better idea about the fight’s result.

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